When you read the following, you will think I'm a bitter divorced person who was taken to the cleaners but I was never divorced. Thankfully, when my future wife signs a pre-nup, I will never be put at that position. Read on about the leeching attitudes of SOME women. Since I gotta repel the pesky little PC-NIKS, realize that I am not talking about every single woman and most likely not you. Pleased now? LOL. And know that I respect intelligent working women equally or maybe even more than intelligent working men....and if you are not the type of women that I will talk about, then I have large respect for you for being decent. Article starts now.


Can a man marry for his "financial security"?

It seems like a woman can freely marry for "financial security", while if a man wants to marry for "financial security", he does not have a choice in the matter, because societal roles force the man to be responsible for his OWN financial security while a woman can conveniently circumvent her adult and life responsibilties and get away with not working as adults, maybe she can pretend like she is not a lazy dependent bum by wrapping/masking herself with gentler labels like "old-fashioned", without saying the truth. She isn't old fashioned in the truest literal sense, because if old customs forced her to work, she wouldn't care about "old customs", she's only "old fashioned" because she doesn't want to work, it serves her laziness. She doesn't give a hoot about "old customs" per se in the strictest literal sense, so she is a liar.

She knows a life at home is better than working, which is why she chose to stay home and to not continue working.

She knows a life at home is better than working, which is why she chose to stay home and to not continue working. Housewives argue that it's hard, but then why did they choose a supposed harder life of being a housewife then? It's all crap.

If the man wants her to continue to work or get back into the workforce like he is, a woman can always threaten divorce and leverage/channel the court's bias to women as a means for her not to work and it has happened before.......the divorce threats shut the man up so she can continue to stay at home....then she can "weather the storm" while monitoring the length of the marriage as time elapses until she can pounce with divorce papers to steal money she didn't work for...while comfortably not working for a long period of years. While she may fervently argue that any money that the man brings in is "marital property", nothing takes away from the fact that one paid for it and the other is not contributing through working. This is not delusion, this is reality, this cannot be argued, if one is a housewife.... one worked, the other didn't....this is very simple stuff that even chronically dependent people should grasp, I think. Many women may think in response "So what if he worked for it, it's still OUR property, it's marital property". Well if that's what many women would think, then it underscores that they have an entitlement mindset, a malformed misguided one, and I don't know where it originates from and the reasons for it. Well I have a sense of it's origins but it's tenuous, but it may be a hint to extricate the elusiveness.

A man is FORCED to work 9-10 hours a day along with commuting to work which consumes 2 more hours of the day, while a lot of women are comfortable circumventing her obligations as an adult human, at times UNILATERALLY under the husband's objections, to just stay home and not go to work as an adult. As a teenager/kid, I can understand that you can stay home at summer vacation and not work.......BUT as an adult there's NO EXCUSE, that's why there's education, on the public dollar. I work and earn myself a living, why shouldn't others? Why should some adults not work?

When a woman doesn't go to work every day, a woman can enjoy a very nice, lavish middle-class lifestyle without working for it like the man is...after all, she is not going to work every day or waking up early, she is sitting on her fat rump watching soap-operas and the View with Elizabeth Hasselback, eating bon-bons and shopping in malls with other housewives... while her husband faces enormous pressure from the boss to produce his best work in order to stay competitive....otherwise the house is gone and the wife may leave him to get the combined financial support of alimony and financial "support" through another man, without marrying the new man for the forced payments from the ex to continue. In that arrangement she has 2 sources of income while not working while the ex who loved her, lives worse than her, even though he works and she is not working, sitting at home as an adult every day.

Is this why financial security is a large reason for women to get married, is it because some women envision for themselves a comfortable cozy middle class lifestyle without working for it? Is it because some (not all) women are just lazy and are just parasitic leeching bums who are NO BETTER than CHRONIC welfare abusers or pathetic 30 year old men who sit in their underwear in their parent's basement unemployed? Yes, it is because of that.

The sad irony is that there are homeless men who work or people who are mired in occupations which suck.....and they work till their fingers bleed and backs give out, as they toil away and they live in squalor and are exploited by management who belittles them and threatens they're expendable, these low-wage workers live in dank lairs with 5 other people cramped together like chickens in a noisy, crime-filled environment. And the very sad, cruel irony is that these people WORK, THEY WORK but live life so so hard....while housewives who DON'T EVEN FREAKING WORK live so much more cozy and comfortably than low-wage earners, and housewives DO NOT GO OUT TO WORK unlike the low-wage earners who struggle to piece and scrape together some resemblance of a LIVING for themselves.....anything just to get by in LIFE really.........do you consider this fair? That one works and lives horribly, while others don't work and lives great, is that fair to you? Work = live horrible.....not working = live cozy? Is that right? WHERE ELSE DO PEOPLE LIVE COZY AND NOT WORK? WHO ELSE? Other than aristocrats and monarchs, I dont' think anybody, and the aristocrats and monarchs problably freaking work......but housewives have the option to steal more money after divorce and a lot of times choose it (high divorce rate initiated by women who have 1:1 odds at getting a lottery ticket worth around $300000, half of the house the guy paid for (usually it's the guy that pays all or most but not all, OK PC-NIKS?)). Remember the odds are not one in 140 million in this lottery ticket, the chances are a smidge closer than one in 140 million, are you ready to hear? The odds are one to one, guaranteed, at winning $300000. It's like the movie Eagle Eye where Jack Evans (actor Shia LeBeouf) wants to make a routine withdrawal and notices that his balance is now $700000 all of a sudden. But women can live their own Eagle Eye for REAL and add $300000, it may not take be as instantaneously as it was for Shia LeBeouf in Eagle Eye, she unfortunately may have to wait a little bit to cash in, poor ex :( :(, just so sad having to wait for her $300000, but be patient, it'll only take months, unlike the poor sucker guy who spend his whole life accumulating his wealth by WORKING HARD in ways the housewive can never understand, as long as she gets her share that's all that matters nothing else. But when it's all said and done for the non-working ex-wife.......ching ching!!!! CHING CHING!!!!! CHING CHING!!!! After embellishing and exaggerating in court any mistakes that would normally be dismissed in a non-divorce context, and after loads of paperwork and maybe a few months, her dream manifests into reality, no longer a dream but a euphoric palpable reality, you'd think it's too good to be true but it's not one of those cases.....it's a $300000 deposit now discreetly placed in her bank account as a gift-wrapped present by the magnaminous courts (not the judge's money though). Hell, $300000 from divorce is more money than a lot of scratch tickets give, but with better odds of one to one. Not that much harder to win. Her 10-15-20 year mission is finally complete, she can finally breathe easy and enjoy the spoils, but there's more to come, WAIT HOLD ON HERE, I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE!?!?!?! Oh no we're far from finished of course.....because you see....there's also a steady valve of alimony payments waiting to flow...all for the taking. What!!! You mean, more money on top of $300000, no way, oh give me more, give me more money!!!! OK, SORRY WE SLIGHTED YOU AND DIDN'T GIVE YOU ENOUGH, HERE'S CHILD SUPPORT THAT YOU CAN MAINLY USE FOR YOURSELF, HAPPY NOW!!!!! NOT THAT WE HADN'T SPOILED YOU ENOUGH AND GAVE YOU TOO MUCH MONEY, BUT YOU COULD ALSO HAVE HALF OF YOUR HUSBAND'S RETIREMENT AS A LITTLE CHERRY ON TOP!! And what, she didn't have to work for all of this? Really, she didn't have to work at all? How can this be? How in the world does anybody get all of this money this quickly, did she rob a bank? Oh no, don't be silly, there's ways to do this legally not including working, heaven forbid a toxic soon-to-be-ex works, WORK IS NOT EVEN A PART OF HER VOCABULARY....here's how to steal money (without working, oopsie there's that word again, work, *shudders*). All she did was drive to the courthouse and instead of scratching a lottery ticket, she instead took a pen and filed a petition for divorce. That wasn't so hard, wasn't it, it only took about 10 minutes. Which is just a little bit less time than the man who built a business from the ground in an unforgiving economy while battling, begging and groveling those pesky, meddlesome banks for venture capital.....and filing a divorce petition is better than slaving yourself to books in college to gain a skill that sets you apart as the best, wouldn't you say? I would say so! Not working for 5-10-15-20 years is an extra little bonus to go along your prized payments, it's only 15 years, no bother......those years of unemployment aren't to be glossed over for sure, oh no. A high IQ is not even required to rake in all this dough and leisure time, as IQ usually is for people working in the real world, but see, aspirant lazy divorcing housewive....you don't have to be blessed with intelligence, but you may need some implants, because you won't be able to marry him unless you maybe nudge him a little bit more to have a stake in his earnings as well as drive a stake to his heart. Why do the courts shower cheating ex-wives with all of these gifts, I wonder, not to mention always give them child support and child custory? Why? They are treated like they are a deity walking on earth. They get a red-carpet rolled out for them and treated like a royal celebrity, an emperor and worshipped in a cultish, freaky sort of way. What have they done to deserve it??? SIT AT HOME AND WATCHED SOAP OPERAS AND PLAYED GAMES ON THE INTERNET ALL DAY WHEN WE WANT TO PUNISH THE GUY WHO DESIGNED THE INTERNET FUNCTIONALITY AND DIRECTS THE TV SHOWS SHE WATCHES AND DESIGNS THE GAMES SHE PLAYS ON??? THE ENTERPRISING GIRL OR GUY WE WANT TO SCORN AND PUNISH, THE ONES WHO MAKES AMERICA POWERFUL, THE INTELLIGENT PROSPEROUS PEOPLE? AGAIN, A TWISTED REALITY. LIBERALS ARE MAYBE ASHAMED OF THEIR OWN SUCCESS, THEY WANT TO DESTROY THEMSELVES LIKE AN AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE ATTACKS ITSELF, THEY HATE THEMSELVES, I CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND LIBERALS JUST LIKE I DON'T UNDERSTAND SOME WOMEN IN THE ACT OF COURTSHIP. LIBERALISM IS LIKE A HOT GIRL CUTTING ALL HER HAIR BECAUSE SHE IS GUILTY OF HER LOOKS, OR LIKE WHEN LIBERALS DEBASE OUR COUNTRY'S GREATNESS IN THE FORM OF COSMOPOLITAN INTERNATIONALISM. Liberals self-loathe themselves, love to talk about fake atrocities (Dick Durbin, John Kerry) that happened in Iraq to gain world approval, fuck the world, or harp on and on real atrocities like My Lai when America already apologized for those army seperatists. Screw the haters, let's talk about the Marshall Plan and getting rid of Nazis.

And the ex-wife faces no stigma/criticism unlike a welfare recipient (some welfare recipients who do want to work again unfairly face more criticism unlike walk-away leeching wives). A twisted world indeed, temporary welfare recipients who want to work get branded with a stigma even though they want to work again and it's not fair while society doesn't look down on alimony seeking housewives. Have we forgotten about these walk-away wives, or do we give them a free pass, which increases their incentive and entitlement mindset to divorce at a whim for money. Nothing will get between her and the alimony/half-equity she fantasized in her mind, the money she never needed to earn. She harnesses the advantage of society's irrational crazy thoughts as it caters to everybody's desire to not work... concocted by a stupid society, for her self-gain in escaping employment, in her vile insidious, calculated machination.

Is this the motivation for wanting to marry for "financial security"? Is it really laziness masked with buzzwords like "financial security" and being "old-fashioned" or "old-school? Yes it is laziness. Just like how wanting gifts or dinner in exchange for sex is ********* by it's literal definition. You don't use exploit other's perceived demand for sex for personal gain, sex is for love only. Well cannot blame them for becoming economical on the demand-side lol *sarcasm*, pure economists at heart. All of these disguised, camouflaged terms and buzzwords to escape negative stigma when they're really doing shameful things for their own gain, yet at the same time trying to evade shame! I don't buy it, it's false. Be honorable, be either honest or don't engage in such machinations, and be like me, work hard until retirement, work hard for a living. I have a little bit more respect for honest parasites than dishonest parasites who cling on to excuses when they are fufilling a deep-seated need to not work but don't admit it to evade shame (like for example, carefully calculating the intervals you have kids to avoid work longer, etc etc etc). Kids should be in day care, instead of the wife putting the kids in the playpen with toys while the wife watches soap-operas, the view, price is right, and judge Judy and maybe Divorce Court afterwards. Really? Divorce court, with the old Texan judge? Yep, gotta get prepared. "Financial security" means you want to be lazy plain and simple, accept the painful truth. Stop speaking in another language which are glossed terms to engage in shameful activity for your selfish gain.

What's more sad is that some (not all) women who lived off their husband's income (and didn't go to work cuz of the man's generosity) will divorce only to get more money and use alimony and her new man's money to perpetuate her not working...after the kids got old. It seems like such a nice thank you gift to her husband for letting her not work *sarcasm*...taking $2000 from him every month while he continues to work so hard in his company, possibly now living with janitor's wages but with the same CRIPPLING STRESS and INTELLECTUAL DEMANDS of a senior position despite his life choices and intelligence and will to succeed in the past. The ex-wife enjoys a permanent vacation and indefinite leisure free of stress whilst enjoying a better standard of living than the overstressed ex living in a dump struggling to make payments..........who did nothing wrong, or broke no laws. In fact the woman may have broken laws if she cheated because ADULTERY IS A CRIME in many states, but that doesn't matter with equitable distribution if the woman broke laws and the man didn't break any laws, the lawbreaker gets babied and coddled in this twisted inverted universe. After the wife divorces him for no reason (conveniently citing "irreconciliable differences", such a protean term from it's original intent), after the woman decides for HERSELF on her own without discussing it with her husband...Do you know what happens to the hard-working ex-husband's HOUSE that he paid for by going to WORK every day unlike the housewife? The house that he PAID FOR for magically morphs into a dainty, lead-paint-chipped studio apartment with blaring car horns, police sirens, airplane noise and may be in a crime-filled hole while he eats ramen noodles, working for essentially nothing with gigantic stress when alimony and draining oppressive taxes and rent and more start kicking and kicking, combined with the emotional pain that someone he once loved betrayed him and that nobody wants him anymore because he's now older and COMPLETELY broke. This is the price of NOT signing a pre-nuptial agreement.

I am an adamant firm believer that if you give ANYBODY an opportunity to not work, they will utilize and harness it to the fullest of their advantage and milk the cow until it's desiccated and wilted. Nobody can tell me otherwise, I am just too intransigent about this. When somebody graduates high school, some people go to college just so they don't have to work for another 4 years, it is an underlying ulterior desire even though college really is the wise to do, but the ulterior desire cannot be undermined tounderscore the point. Hell, I went to college to both further my skills as well as to delay the real world for 4 years. More examples of people not working when they don't have to are when college students take time off to take a long break, they can afford to do it, it's not like they will be in the streets if they take a break. But the largest demonstration of people not working is the welfare state of today. You give people welfare, and in the name of compassion and benevolence, you will have people seizing good-will and discovering good-will as a weakness in which they can take advantage of you. Just like in international politics when rogue actors exploit the UN's need for peace by forcing the UN and other peaceful countries to give in to their demands in search for "concessions", like in North Korea and in the Middle East. There are many clear manifestations of exploitation of liberals, a exemplary form is the pervasive disgusting welfare state that you see before you today. In the former Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago, 90% of every single person living there in the past were on welfare and it was like a jail metastasized in the public and it was so out of control....too much welfare jackasses with their hands out chronically, and seemingly with permently outstretched muscles wanting more, forced Bill Clinton to give in into reforming TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) in 1994 to put a 5 year cap on welfare, pressured by a conservative Republican congress. Studies show that you'll be surprised how people start looking for jobs and getting jobs when you shut the money valve off, because it was either that or starvation. The welfare state is the largest proof that shows that if you give anybody the option to not work.....you will see that they won't work, this is universal AXIOMATIC APODICTIC FACT. But housewives are the worst manifestation of this sickness however. I have love and admiration for welfare recipients who fell on hard times and honestly seeking looking for work, while I have seething hatred for those looking for an INDEFINITE handout while debasing the people who either benevolentally or FORCIBLY help/subsist their existence. But unlike most welfare recipients that fell on hard time and seek work, a large amount of alimony seeking former housewives do not seek to work again, they are of a more virulent kind of pathogen, or if they do, it's very light part-time work, unlike the high-powered high-stress job her ex is doing, who she is stealing money in the form of alimony. She isn't earning the money, she knows the judiciary is on her side, so opportunist she is, she will leverage the government to threaten her ex with jail to take his hard-earned money so she can do a light part-time job, how selfish, especially since she doesn't deserve any of it if she only divorced to get a financial cut of something she didn't work for. Maybe she can claim that since she slept with him and "gave him sex" that it entitles her to half the equity, retirement, alimony, and Child Support for herself....even though the man also gave her sex and she had just as much sex as the man did. But that's thinking like a prostitute, thinking that sex is one-sided and trying to draw leverage and money from it and treating it as a seesaw power-struggle, pathetic. Such a demand-side economist she is.

Why does she want alimony? Because of the facts outlined above, she doesn't want to work, nobody wants to fucking work, NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY, but she found a way around it, it's called being a housewife than divorcing after her kids got old when her excuses to not work ran out, unless she wants another kid to use the new kid as a pawn for her selfish need to not work again! She used the fact that she was a woman to avoid work selfishly. It is a leverage game, and no stops are pulled. Remembered what I said about how if you give somebody the option to not work, they won't work. They will find any reason at all to not work, whether it's to use college to get out of the real world for 4-6 years, whether it's to take a break of college without starvation consequence, whether welfare seekers elatedly found a great opportunity when they noticed that government will coerce and threaten taxpayers to pay for indigents (OR ELSE......JAIL for being a "deadbeat citizen?"), or whether the woman knows that the courts are biased in her favor and uses it as leverage to threaten her husband in the early stages to not work (where she will get little alimony)---thenin the later stages she'll leverage the bias to actually file divorce papers (she's been waiting and building up this moment for years). YOU GIVE SOMEBODY THE OPTION TO NOT WORK AND THEY WON'T WORK....WHO REALLY WANTS THEIR LIFE RUINED AND CONSUMED BY WORK. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE ANYWAY AND THAT'S IT!!! WELFARE RECIPIENTS KNOW THIS, HOUSEWIVES WITH NO AMBITION TO WORK KNOW THIS.......IF YOU'RE A CHRONIC DEPENDENT NON-WORKING ADULT, YOU KNOW THIS!!!!!!!! YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIFE AND YOU DON'T WANT YOUR TIME CONSUMED BY WORK!!!!!! IF YOU CAN FIND A WAY FOR SOMEBODY ELSE TO WORK FOR YOU SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO EARN A LIVING, an incredibly large amount of people see this and feel tickled, titillated and ecstatic. NO MORE WORK YIPPIE!!! IMAGINE THE BOUNTIFUL POSSIBILITIES!!! NO MORE 2 WEEK VACATION EVERY YEAR, I NOW GET A 20 YEAR VACATION OR MAYBE LIFETIME IF I'M FORTUNATE!!!! When I realized how shitty work is, I came to all the conclusions above, and this all makes sense. There is no dispute as to what I all said, it's axiomatic like 2 + 2 = 4. Whenever people get free money in their account, their brains get used to this accustomed pattern. They aren't used to the fact that for that bank account to have a larger number, they actually have to wake up early and act like adults. Perhaps they have disassociation problems with newly becoming an adult after they were taken care of by mommy & daddy as kids and teenagers. Alimony isn't the best way to encourage the growing up process, which many divorcing ex-wives fail to do. I don't mean domesically abused ex-wives or wives who had husbands cheat, I mean the ones who only married but quickly left for another man and made no effort to restore the existing marriage because of the future payout, women if you don't think this happens, think again. If a younger man came along and showed you affection....why wouldn't anybody be with a younger man and take in $300000 in the process? Alimony-Equity seeking divorcees can actually leave their viagra taking, graying, balding husband who they probably got bored with for a decade....all for a hot younger Italian boyfriend, with the extra rub of gaining about $500000 along the way. The incentive for cheating and divorcing has never been better! 2 incomes, no work, a new younger boyfriend (new sex toy) after she became bored sexually with her graying husband despite her "lifelong commitment" in the beginning, all fake deception to get his money...this is paradise for the the parasite. This will single handedly destroy the marraige counseling business. Women don't even have to hide the fact they're cheating....they can just admit to the husband without consequence and then plop a stack of divorce papers on the table....there's no need to hide, no consequence. The house he worked for every day will now be gone, along with everything. Past, present, future, everything.

Disclaimer: I don't hate women, I only hate bums which is gender-neutral across men and women...bums who take advantage and who have no appreciation but HATRED and indignance for those who subsist their slothfulness, sometimes FORCIBLY through alimony or through oppressive taxes by robber-baron democrats....whether it's ex-wives badmouthing the ex's to their children even though the ex-wife refuses to earn a living, or whether it's chronic welfare abusers hating "the man" who pays 90% of the federal coffers and responsible for their able to subsist without working..........in primitive cultures in New Guinea and Aboriginal Australia NO ADULT CAN GET AWAY WITHOUT WORKING, everybody does something...everybody has to do something...it's only in industrial countries are we able to support a wide swath of bums and sadly do it. We don't allay personal responsibility anymore and it sucks....it's always an external locus of blame. Just one of the many problems with liberalism is when liberals slowly behead the golden goose of prosperity that makes America great, in favor of chronic welfare miscreants and alimony-seeking ex-wife miscreants. The aforementioned don't contribute anything to society, they only care for themselves and their own self-fulfillment and use others as a malicious means to their self-centered ends. Their karma should not have had them born in the land of opportunity, one of the greatest countries in the world, such a great economic engine and destroyer of tyranny in the present and in the past.

In a way, this dispersal of money, this aberrant redistribution of wealth, has been the largest destroyer of marriage as an lifetime institution and the sanctity of marraige got bastardized and sullied into a diseased abscess. Not surprising, the divorce rate has spiked when women discovered the grand prizes they can win by filing divorce papers when no-fault divorce started in the 1970's, this is again, axiomatic fact. The fact that 80% of ppl who filed for divorce were women see that they took advantage of an ever coddling court system and seek wild sums of money while sitting on their ass unemployed for the duration of the marraige. If you don't think women would do this and what I am saying is a bunch of fluff, why the 80%? It means that women will not do anything to try to save the marriage, refuse counseling, not when they can set the hand that fed them on fire and impale the husband in the process.... It only bolsters an already undisputed point that people won't work when they don't want to....when they can find ways around it. It's the motivation for all 90% this behavior. It's why you became a housewife if you are one. Marriage in turn has turned into a glorified regular relationship, but not a lifetime relationship, when it wasn't like this before. People want to marry just because their friends married, it's just now a title......some women don't know if they will be with that person for life before they get married, I hear these stories all the time. These women think that if this relationship doesn't work out, I can always go and steal this guy's money and look for someone else, so it "works out well for me". As I just said, SOME women don't marry for life anymore as it used to be, it's just like another throw-away teenage relationship, except with money involved to steal. How are circuit judges who are supposed to be "smarter" than anybody else not see this, are they retarded?

I believe in marrying for love and commitment to one-person ONLY for the rest of your life...that's why there's these little things called wedding vows that's said in a marriage in sickness and in health till death do us part, which is what cheaters, (whether the cheater was male and female) agreed to in the wedding, unless they just went with the motions like the good actors they are to claim their stake to the other's money..... Money should not be a factor in marriage at all, or a requirement for your partner...sadly it seems like a lot of women don't marry for love or commitment for one guy OR if they do then they heavily layer it with all the financial BS that is listed above or even fooling men about how they loved him when they really just loved the money and a future hefty payout when she signs divorce papers, hell that could be their motivation all along for having kids and to get married, they can be used as pawns to not work. A woman can feed the kid(s) gruel and macaroni and powdered food that you pour water on...like the kid is eating food that jail inmates use.......as she travels in 5-star resorts and casinos in Paris, Spanish Riviera, Monaco, Monte Carlo and Crete with her new boyfriend ....these vacations are mostly subsidized through her ex's money. Needless to say, the ex-husband will now will be living in tough GRINDING EXCRUCIATING POVERTY, even though he works in a rough-and-tumble senior position as a director of a department, despite that, he will not be visiting Paris, Monte Carlo or Crete like his unemployed ex-wife.....compensation for hard work is reversed yet again (like in the previous example of homeless guys working versus housewives not working).....so instead of the ex-husband visiting the 5 star resorts and exquisite sandy Mediterranean beaches of Monte Carlo, he can lie down in his dumpy new apartment in a sleepless night ruminating in a loop about his ex-wife passionately fucking her new boyfriend in the hotel room on the plush blue king-size beds in the glamourous, glitzy, beautiful atmosphere of Monte Carlo, while the bedroom is illuminated in a romantic turqouise/yellow sunset as they whisper how they love each other....and despite this disturbing and sad image in the ex-husband's mind of his former dream woman in the arms of another man replaying in his mind in a constant loop, he knows that his saddening image is paid for by the labor of his time that he has to wake up for tomorrow.....he's is forced to wake up early for yet another 13 hours of work to pay for this....the ex-husband is paying for his ex-wife to fuck in Monte Carlo in essence....he has to wake up early for work to pay for somebody who hurt him so deeply with the combined jolting pain and seething jealousy that he has for his wife for not going to work...and while he has to wake up in a few hours to experience hell at work, his wife is in just one of many dream vacations she's sure to enjoy in the future all bought and paid for by the ex-husband, maybe Hawaii, Bahamas and Tahiti are next in line, Bora Bora, Bali ("how kind and thoughtful of the ex to pay for this, still thinking about his wife, hahaha").....he has have to go to work in a few hours with maybe 2-3 hours of sleep and work for another 13 hours tired and unable to function as the boss yells at him and calls him an pathetic inferior stupid/moron and trash due to his lack of sleep....if his wife has a sleepless night back in Monte Carlo, it's not like she has any work-related demands and won't have anybody call her stupid and won't have anybody pushing for her to work better/smarter, it's not like she has to wake up early, SHE DOESN'T WORK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, but it's not like there's anything keeping her from sleeping, her life is set.........the ex-husband struggles to sleep in his dump apartment on a futon having to gear up for yet another hackneyed commute and having to deal with BS office back-stabbing politics, pressures of enormous work-related tasks, and just being yet another Joe in the capitalist machine who is fattening the wallet of the CEO's who berate him as the ex-husband's own wallet is empty from alimony...who wants to put up with all of that corporate shit if they don't have to?.....his wife however circumvents all of this by not working and is laughing mightily at how she manipulated the system and used government to live middle-class forever but when unemployed. The ex-husband can't walk out of the apartment at night for just a meager little pittance of food because he now lives in a crime-ridden slum littered by gangs and thugs, he cannot walk out at night without being risked to be shot to death, because he may have worn the wrong "gang colors" by accident...the alimony took him out of the suburbs....at least there's no money to rob from the ex-husband however....this whole implosion assumes he doesn't die of health problems before hand due to work stress, his wife leaving him, and his inability to find somebody else due to his age and his newfound poor financial state...he's probably wishes he was dead, how can his life just implode like this? If the husband dies, the toxic ex may feel guilty for about 2 minutes before she feels 100x times more sad about the loss of the money coming her way, which is obviously more important than the guy's life, of course *sarcasm*. While the sorority, serial partier who destroyed her ex has her life made, she doesn't care who she runs over. It's just one whole party her entire life. Her plan has completed, it's all over, now it's time to take a wondrous long sigh........breathe.....relax....and sip those cocktails and martinis and margaritas in the white sands of the Bahamas, after playing with the dolphins in her new all-expenses-paid motorboat in the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean tropical paradise. With this arrangement, it is like she won the Price is Right showcase showdown 20 different times. All of this couldn't have been realized without the aid of her ex, judges, liberals. She could have never done this herself....she's too of a ***************** ********** to do it herself, not without a few nice judges to help her imagine her dream of permanent unemployment sipping on those luscious fruity daiquiris, oh how good they taste, right former non-working housewife?. Not only is she **************, she is also lazy, and evil, she is the succubus demon who is an appendage of the devil incarnate.

I have large respect and love career-minded intelligent, dignified real WOMEN who want a 2-income household, while I have the largest **** and jealousy for male or female bums who depends on other people for a living.....and get away with it while I HAVE TO FREAKING GO TO WORK EVERY DAMN DAY AGAINST MY WISHES!!!!!!! I HATE WORK, AND I HATE HAVING MOST OF MY LIFE TAKEN AWAY BY WORK, WHILE OTHERS DON'T HAVE THEIR LIVES RUINED BY WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK WHILE OTHERS DON'T HAVE TO WORK?? WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK?? AS ADULTS THEY'RE NOT WORKING!!!!! AS ADULTS!!!!!!!

OK i'll be nice, if you're a housewife who plans to work later on and will never ever divorce with your husband (unless it's his fault like he cheated/hit you)...if you're that, I don't hate you. I just think you're lucky and fortunate to not work, but I don't hate you. If it's man's fault like he cheated or hit his wife, I don't mind his shit getting stolen, I think that we should go back to fault-based divorces.

Is this why people marry for "financial security", is it because some (not all) woman are lazy? If you're a working woman who plans on continue working like myself until retirement, I didn't write this about you.

PS...I am not married yet, anybody who marries me will sign a pre-nup incase she decides to leave on her own ....in case she understand the financial benefits of leaving the marriage and is thinking of exploiting this lunatic thinking running amok.

It seems there's a good sized chunk of women who think like this.....not all obviously, some have integrity.

I wrote this because it's true. What is your response? If you can prove me wrong, I welcome you to try, I am open to be convinced.